Amerikkalainen elävä legenda, psykedeelisen rokin kovia kokenut pioneeri.

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Tästä ei paljon laserlevy parane! Kovimmat hitit yksissä kansissa. Two-Headed Dog, Night Of The Vampire, I Walked With The Zombie..
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Nobody had ever heard anything like Roky Erickson when he and his 13th Floor Elevators burst out of Austin, Texas onto the psychedelic scene in 1966 with their scary nugget, You're Gonna Miss Me. A decade later, the power-popping Explosives re-ignited the Austin flame, infusing tight Beatlesque rhythms with the passionate fury of their Elevator hero. By 1979, it was downright inevitable that they come together as a tight quartet. Since 2005, the Explosives have again powered Erickson's inspiring return to the stage. Halloween captures the live experience of Roky and The Explosives from their powerful first cycle, 1979-1981. Explosives drummer Freddie Steady Krc has handpicked the tracks, most unreleased, including the only performance of The Beatles' I've Just Seen a Face. The psychedelic package (cover by San Francisco poster artist Dennis Loren) includes previously unpublished photos plus a complete history of the band's performances from those three amazing years.
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