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Jun 08

How to Play Piano and Keyboard for Dummies


You want to learn piano, but you’re tired of spending long hours on learning music notes. So, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to clear away this negative thought instantly if you’re really serious about learning this instrument. Learning how to play piano or play keyboard, particularly for dummies like you, […]

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Feb 12

How to Hold the Trumpet in a Perfect Way


When I was young, I used to quit playing the trumpet, and my mother always said that I would regret it. And well, I have to admit that she was right. You have to know that learning to play an instrument is good for kids since it can boost IQ as well as the academic […]

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Jan 31

How to Clean Your Trumpet


Your Trumpet is a precious object that you love it more than any household product at your home. Absolutely, as a music lover, you take care of your musical instrument like a pet owner look after his or her child as well. During your playing, you should clean your trumpet on a regular basis. However, how […]

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Jan 09

The Right Way on How To Clean A Record Player

Record Player

Previously, I shared my handy tips on how to use a record player with you. Remember that if you utilize it properly, it can last for years.However, there is another important technique which you should familiar with is the cleaning. Even when you use it regularly or not, the player will catch and gather a layer […]

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