How Much is Car Stereo Installation Cost?

How Much is Car Stereo Installation Cost?


Sep 29
How Much is Car Stereo Installation Cost?

Different music lovers have different tastes. Various musical professionals have versatile preferences when it comes to the programs and brands they use. Still, there is one thing that unites all the ''true'' music people. And that one thing is that they all believe that it really does matter and it does make a change if you do invest in proper gear. 

However, if you are not a pro in the game, there is still hope for you! If you are prepared to level up your music equipment, you have come to the right place. From the car stereo installation cost to headphones – here are the best ways to invest in musical equipment we are sure you use every day.

7 More Ways to Invest in Musical Equipment

Best and Smartest Ways to Invest in Musical Equipment


Let us start with the most common musical reproduction gadget. Most people have a set of headphones and listen music on their phones while commuting or working out. We also use them to listen to content from our phones and computers, like series on Netflix or when we watch clips on Youtube.

We listen to music on our headphones so much so that doctors are telling us we ought not to. Still, most of us simply settle from the headphones we get when buying our phones.


Well, unfortunately, these headphones simply are not the best option if you wish to have great sound. Your everyday headphones are little league and there are much, much more competitive solutions out there. From prime, noise-blocking gear to state of the art, wireless ear buds, your selection is wast.

Check out this link to see some of the great options out there. This years best choices range from 30 dollars up. Also, it is good to know that you can always get a budget-friendly option. No matter what your choice might be, we are sure that you will most definitely sense the difference. In no time you will be wondering how did you ever settle for anything else.

Car Music Stereo

One of the other more common spaces where we listen to a lot of music is in the car. A lot of people use the car to go to work and run their daily errands. For most of us, the radio is on most if not all of the time.

However, not a lot of us take into account what type of equipment we use in our vehicle. Let's be honest – most of us opt out of getting the more professional system when buying the car. No wonder we don't - the price seems to cost a fortune, especially when getting a new car.

Still, you must have, at one point, had that moment, when entering an Uber or someone's vehicle, when you were, both literally and not, blown away. The music simply sounded different. The levels where just right and the car seemed like a sound capsule you just sat in. All chances are – the owner of that car decided to get some proper gear.

car stereo

Going back to all the time you spend in your car, regardless of how new is it, getting a proper musical system is a plus. It will surely drive the price up when reselling and is sure to give you an amazing experience even in those long traffic jams.

So how should you invest in a stereo? Well, the best option is to get one online yourself. Do your research and choose one of the solutions that suits your needs. The rule of thumb is that, depending on brand and power, the prices start from 200 dollars and go up. A more than decent system can be found for 400 bucks, or even less.

Regardless of what option you choose, this step is sure to level up your sonic bliss and make you want to prolong those drives!

*Important: Car Stereo Installation Cost

In relation to the previous point, we feel the need to point out how much does it cost to install car speakers.

You would be surprised that the installation itself is not a costly undertaking. In dependance to whom you decide to go to, the cost will probably be less than some 100 dollars.

The catch is – it is best you buy your hardware yourself, rather than rely on the electricians suggestion. That way you will have control over the overall costs. Sure, it is a drag and it will take some more time, but this is the most cost efficient approach.

Also, regarding the installation shop, we suggest to ask around and do proper investigation into the background of the place you choose. Go to someone you were refereed to go to and that way you will avoid any unwanted possible issues down the line.


Car Stereo Installation Cost

Bluetooth Speakers

One of the more nifty music gadgets we are seeing more and more of these days are the Bluetooth speakers.

Easily portable and with a long lasting battery, these mini speakers truly are a useful thing to have. They connect easily to your phone, tablet or computer. They are light and are a great option both for travels and as a solution for a home music system.

So how should you go about getting one? As always, do your research. There are some great new options out there. The thing with them is that it really does make a difference if you get an older or a newer model, as the older ones sometimes have a weaker battery.

Still, you can easily find a good option for about 80 to 100 $. Just remember – in the world of Bluetooth speakers, size has nothing to do with power. Therefore, don’t let the smaller, more compact ones fool you – they most probably have some serious force.

bluetooth speaker

Wi-fi Music Speakers and Systems

Another thing in expansion right now are the wi-fi music speakers.

Basically, the wi-fi music system is similar to the Bluetooth one. The main difference is that it uses the wi-fi connection rather than the Bluetooth one. These speakers gained a lot of attention when Google released the Chromecast Audio . Why? Because with a price just under 40 $, Google made a little sound machine that delivers true quality.

Another good thing about the wi-fi solution is that you can make a wi-fi system out of it. You have the added bonus of linking all the speakers into one sphere and experimenting with limitless options on that front.

Still, keep in mind that you need to do this right and you will probably need some additional equipment. If you doubt that you could set up the network yourself, maybe it's best to avoid this option for now. It could give you headaches and a more standard solution could be the one for you.

wifi speakers

Turntables / Vinyl Players

Whether you grew up buying vinyl or you acquired a taste for the soft sounds only a record gives, there is no doubt there is a big market for turntables. You would be amazed at all the variations in this field of music playing devices.

Accompanied with some amazing speakers, turntables are turning the game up.
There are plenty options out there for less than 500 bucks, and they are all worth the spot.

The interesting thing about these systems is that you can also invest in new speakers if you have a good base. The technology for the actual sound decoding is pretty much the same since the invention of the vinyl player, so it's the speakers that make the change.

It is also worth pointing out that turntables are specific to their one and only purpose – to play records. This restriction does set them apart but if you would like something you can play the radio or CD's on, you will have to find an additional playing device.

vinyl speaker


When talking about musical devices, one rarely thinks of smart phones at first. However, this is a strange thing, as we tend to consume a lot of content from our phones.

This gadget seems to be the focal point of a lot of our activity both online and offline. From music downloaded from our computers to using the phone to watch series, we do use it a lot. We watch series on them, stream content on them, we watch videos on a daily bases. There is a lot of content that uses sound coming from these super small computers.


The thing about these devices is that, when getting them, we learned to think about a lot of things. Battery life, to camera resolution, to internal memory – we have a long checklist for them. And somehow, speaker quality almost never seems to make the cut.

This is one thing you should start reconsidering, especially if you do use the phone as your main audio output. When doing some research into your next phone, you will see there are some really seriously engineered music playing bonuses on some models.

Starting from just 50 dollars and going up, you really have a broad selection. The important thing when considering sound quality on the phone is to know what it is not all in the brand name. You would be surprised how powerful a phone from a manufacturer you never considered looking into might be.

Music Systems

When investing in our living spaces, for a true music lover there is one crucial thing that is an absolute must. That would be the acquisition of that perfect music system for the space.

No wonder it's so – a proper music system goes a long way. A good system will make your living room into a proper movie theater or convert your apartment into a small nightclub. You could use it to play concerts or to watch opera. A lot of people use it for gaming, to get that deep immersion experience. If set up properly, they change the usage of your space significantly.

music system

When thinking about them, you will realize that there are various options you can choose from. From a single to two speakers, to a two speaker and buffer to a surround option, there is a way to accommodate every space and every budget.

Take a look into this list to see what the newest and best options out there are. Just remember – it is sometimes good to call for some help with installation. The rule is that the more complex the system, the more need for proper positioning and installation will be required.

Of course, you could set a more demanding system up yourself and there are online resources to help you step by step. It can also be an interesting venture. Just do keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to ask a professional or a tech savvy friend to give a helping hand.


musical devices

In conclusion, we tend to sometimes overlook all the musical sources that we use on a day to day bases. From our car stereo, to our headphones and phones, we enjoy the content we consume. Nonetheless, it is an important thing what devices we will use to enjoy the music we love.

If you are a real music lover, it will really make a difference in your sonic life if you think about your options and general sound quality for any system you might use. The sound will be richer and the tones deeper. You will end up finding new dimensions in the songs or pieces you already love.

We hope you found this article inspiring and useful for all your future music equipment buys. You have a favorite brand of equipment and want everyone to know? Please leave a comment below with your suggestions. Maybe you know someone who got a bit lazy with their musical gear?
Share this article with them and let them know that a lot can be done with not a lot of cash.

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