Top 10 Best Stage Piano: Comprehensive Buying Guide and Reviews

Jack Pound by Jack Pound | Last Updated: June 18, 2020

If you want to purchase a piano for an upcoming show, or just want to have a professional piano then you’ve come to the right place. I will support you on how to find out the best stage piano with this buying guide and review.

A Quick Look At a Stage Piano

In the keypad musical instruments, you will discover that there are dozens of names such as arranger keyboards, acoustic pianos, electronic keyboards, portable keyboards, stage pianos, and digital pianos.

Among these, the stage pianos are one of the most confused because these are unusual.

A Quick Look At a Stage Piano

Moreover, most of the people possibly ask what a stage piano is, and it is not easy to distinguish the differences between the stage piano and the digital piano. Both of them are the similar technical category.

A stage piano generally is a certain kind of a digital piano. In a deep understanding, this is a specific category of the electronic keyboard. It imitates the sound and audiences feel it like an acoustic piano.

These days, a typical digital piano is made to be equivalent as an upright acoustic piano. It often has the dimensions, MIDI, and cabinets like the musical instrument to reproduce.

Most of the stage pianos create the sound by transferring every single note and keeping these on the memory chips.

When a key is generated in the stage piano, the corresponding not in the recording is bounced back offering an exact sound of an acoustic piano.

How To Choose The Best Stage Piano?

Realize Your Purpose

Before investing the best stage pianos, you should ask this question yourself “Why do I need to buy a stage piano?” It is a bit tough to receive an answer immediately, but this is a necessary question to think of.

If you are the person who loves the piano sounds at a music concert or something like that, then you could begin with a stage piano.

Or even you “touch” the immediate level, but you do not practice on a regular basis, a stage piano is also a good idea to help your fingers wake up again.

In essence, a stage piano is a wonderful musical keyboard to open the piano-sound gate! And locate your purpose is the initial thing you should enter!

Affirm The Number Of Keys And Notes 

Affirm The Number Of Keys And Notes - Stage Piano

Keys and notes are vital criterions when you buy a piano; especially the stage one. A stage piano often has 49 or 61 keys with 30 notes in the keyboard.

This is enough for those who want to make their fingers feel sensitive with the keyboard. Once you decide to go up to the advanced level, you need to practice higher level of the keys.

Furthermore, you could check the sound quality which the keys generate when determining to buy a stage piano.

Most of the people usually disregard this essential feature because they do not understand how it impacts on their performance.

Ensure The Piano Has Accessories Or Not

Together with a stage piano, there are various accessories you should not miss out. Due to these, you do not have to settle.

Most of the stage pianos have a cabinet with 3 pedals. If you have time, you can check the cost of these basic accessories. I am sure that they are not cheap!

With a portable product, it may have a small plastic pedal (or it is called the footswitch). It means that you have to pay more dollars for these extra tools.

Find The Time To Play

Some people think that it sounds ridiculous, but it still happens in the real world!

You probably like the piano sounds too much and buys a stage piano initially. Then, you have to several tasks to handle in your office that you forget you have a stage piano at home.

Find The Time To Play Stage Piano

One day, your friends remind you that you have ever loved the piano sounds.

At that time, you have remembered that you own a stage piano. Oh yeah, this is a frequent story for postponing persons!

Do Not Forget Your Budget For This Stuff

The price tag is also crucial to buy something, and it is more important to settle the bundle of cash.

Nonetheless, my acquaintances and my friends sometimes…forget… this point! They always check the quality rather than the cost. Finally, they wish they remember seeing the cost before!

With a stage piano, the level will range between one thousand and two thousands of dollars.

Demo video of a Stage Piano:

Who Should Buy a Stage Piano?

This is a good signal to choose the best stage pianos. Are you aware that when you raise this question, you possibly know that your purchase purpose and create some actions? You are finding the way to go ahead!

There are 3 main points to make a purchase – the cost, the playing skills, and the features.

Along with the specs and features, they enable to save lots of bucks on their wallets. The price tag for a stage piano is less expensive than a digital piano (under $100). This is a smart investment!

Top 10 Stage Piano Keyboards In This Year 

Now, let’s review some stage pianos! Oh, do not forget to take note of the pros and cons as well as the warranty policies.

1. Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional

Yamaha P255 is like a digital piano, but it is better mentioned a stage piano.

In my opinion, every player possibly tries this product no matter how level they have.

A normal practice and a live performance are available on this keyboard.

This is a transportable model with a built-in speaker system; it is simple to carry and perform anywhere. It even does not require an external amplification!

​One more thing I think you will like this musical instrument. A controller app for iOS devices will allow you to convert your piano sound from a smart device. Or you can change your favorite settings in the touchscreen.

Do you know the Pure CF Sound Engine? This is the program to support the piano create its voice! In the P-Series of the Yamaha brand, this is a new feature with 3 main functions to reproduce the characteristic acoustic sounds.

When you want to adjust the volume, what should you do? Find the button?! With this series, you just touch the button in the screen!

It also improves the mix performance or a combination between the sounds of a band. Thanks to the Sound Boost, a clear performance is not a magic bullet in the Yamaha P255.

With various features and good points, I do not doubt this is the best stage piano. I am not surprised about this!


  • Great quality performance (you do not need to use the headphones attached)
  • Perfect keys and notes
  • Extra sounds for some specific melody or songs
  • Smooth keyboard

  • A bit pricey in the core product and the accessories
  • Lack of a micro headphone jack

2. Kurzweil Artis 88-Key Stage Piano

Kurzweil is one of the most prominent brands in Germany of the keyboard instrument.

All models are fashionable and long-lasting.

I select the ARTIS 88 to review as this is a good option for all kinds of playing level.

And of course, it is also the best stage piano thoroughly!

The Kurzweil ARTIS is a modest and vigorous design. First and foremost, it has nearly 130-voice polyphony with 88 keynotes and a nice transpose.

Secondly, this 9-foot grand provides a robust level of the sound quality to enhance the connectivity for a stage piano. Oh, it also contains a controllable damper pedal to boost the real performance as well.

Thirdly, the PC3K, the KORE 64 ROM expansion, the strings, horns, drums, synths, the EPs, the Clavs, the mallets, and the percussion are also useful for players in this stage piano.

Due to the KB3 Tone Real Organs and the 9 drawbar sliders, you enable to monitor your performance along with the product without a hitch.

There are also 256 factory programs, and you are confident to choose the favorite streams.

The unit has a strong FX engine which gives more than 1000 effects chain. This is a great combination between of Delays, Chorus, Flange, Phaser, EQs, Distortion, Compressor, Rotary Simulator, Reverbs. The list continues on an extra mile!


  • Great sound performance
  • Ease of touching
  • Diverse keys and notes
  • Powerful engine

  • A little bit expensive (the manufacturer also offers the free-shipping policy)

3. Nord Stage 3 88 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

My first impression of the Nord Stage 3 is its color.

The red one probably is attractive my eyes in the first 4-second!

Or do I love the red color? I have no idea, but the coating is pretty cool!

Generally speaking, most of the pianos have the black or gray one. Some have pink, blue or red colors, but these are not commonplace ones!

It is not easy to believe that the Nord Stage 3 is a great option for uprights, electric pianos, the guards, the Harpsichord, the Clavinet and the digital pianos as well.

This piano has another new layer type (the Ivory) with other dynamic patches to catch out the remarkable variations as well as proper character.

The Advanced String Resonance and the Dynamic Pedal Noise give the realism.

You may also surprise that the keyboard has 4 different tone wheel settings from a factory program to a new stream or a vintage style.

Because of the Vintage Rotary Speaker, the Nord Stage 3 has the newest generation of the vintage list with 122 points and octave.

Slow, fast or stop mode is not a happen to modify anymore! In other words, the 122 Rotary Speaker is obtainable on every slot. You can use it with the Synth and the Effect section.


  • Tremendous keyboard
  • Amazing sound and metronome
  • A great combo between an electric piano and other acoustics
  • Fast delivery time

  • A bit hard to control all keys and notes
  • Quite expensive

4. Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano

Yup, this is another product of the Yamaha brand.

There is no denying that Yamaha often has many versatile pianos and all the best stage pianos over time.

Even if you are not a fan of the Yamaha, you still agree that most of the products are wonderful.

​In the CP4 stage piano, this is premium craftsmanship with all features such as CFX, CFIIIS, S6, EPs, VCM effects, MOTIF synth, and 88 Ebony keynotes. Overall, the design is pretty slim and lightweight.

Although the main colors are the black one, the CP4 also has a graceful style.

Oh, it has some big lighted buttons to support the players monitor the song while performing.  Splits and layers are not the harsh tasks to overcome!

Along with an elegant style, this stage piano has a conventional coating like a vintage electric piano from different periods.

Reproduce the classic product is still a good one! I think this is also a concealable sign from the manufacturer. Additionally, the classic stomp-box effects possibly support you try some classic songs.


  • A nice upgrade stage piano for new starters and advanced players
  • Spirited sound
  • Fixed speakers and amplifier
  • Good synth

  • A bit heavy
  • Lack the remember the feature in the keyboard

5. Casio PX560BE 88

5. Casio PX560BE 88

Casio has various organs, keyboard and digital piano with the low-priced demographics.

It’s really hard to find the best one among those models.

After a tons of research. I choose the PX56BE Digital Stage Piano to represent for Casio in this list.

Check on Amazon

The PX560BE has the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. The name sound quite long, but it will help you regenerate the touch and manage the tone like a pianist!

The piano has the multiple air flow which is the Acoustic and the Intelligent Resonator to transfer many great sounds. Furthermore, it contributes to the song is more romantic.


  • Diverse tones and genres (up to 55 various tones)
  • A magnificent keyboard like the non-toy piano
  • Nice color and design
  • Good touchscreen
  • Affordable price for the quality
  • Perfect use in the studios, houses or anywhere

  • Too much synth (it is quite hard to control all keynotes)

6. Korg SP280BK 88-Key

In general, Korg SP280BK has a robust sound which is great to try and play over time.

Nevertheless, if you take more time to “touch” the keyboard, you will find out that this is a vintage stage piano.

It is still incredible for live performance as well as an electric piano.

When it comes to the design, this instrument is lightweight enough for carrying. The stereo audio input is also offered to play together with outside audio sources.

On the other hand, it has 30 sounds, keynotes, and the bass to become the class, the strings, the organs, and the harpsichord. Sustain pedal unit (PU2) gives the soft and special feature to be the damper pedal.

Though the Korg is not a famous brand, the SP280BK is still the best stage piano that you should try at least once!


  • Efficient and great appearance
  • Smooth speakers
  • Strong-legged stands
  • Cool voice and sound
  • Economical budget

  • A bit large and heavy

7. Kawai ES8

Kawai is a well-known brand in the acoustic pianos, but the Kawai ES8 is still workmanship in the stage piano.

Thanks to the features, the sounds and the designs like the Kawai ES8 make them also become the best stage piano.

No matter the purpose of playing the stage piano is practicing for a concert or studying in the classroom, this is a smart choice for anyone.

Here are a few features of this product:

  • Harmonic Imaging XL„¢ Sound Technology
  • 88-Note Piano Sampling RHIII Graded-Hammer Action
  • 34 Exceptional Instrument Sounds USB Digital Audio
  • Rec WAV
  • MP3 Files Rhythm Section

My point of view for this piano: This is a model for the latest era! I do not get stuck to use for a while. However, you should read the manual in advance.


  • Great sounds and keynotes
  • Diverse accessories
  • Modern design
  • Good features

  • A bit difficult to control the soundboard (for the first time of playing)

8. Korg SP170s

Korg SP170s has a large grand of sound which is a careful record.

Several velocity coatings are utilized to reach out nuances of performing.

This probably allows the piano can respond to every exquisite touch.

Additionally, you can find out the sound of an electric piano, organ, and harpsichord through your fingertips.

This is also a finest musical instrument because it receives many positive feedbacks from a versatile keyboard and deep sound. Well, I think these are two most crucial things to estimate the best stage piano and the SP170s absolutely has!


  • Shiny model
  • Various sounds (to help your fingers can practice)
  • Tremendous keyboard
  • Portable piano with an economical price point
  • Available option for anyone (novices may practice, and advanced players can review some fabulous songs)

  • Simple look

9. Roland Stage Digital

Roland stage piano has 2 independent sound engines with lots of new controller features.

It also refers to a faithful piano with some wonderful advancements as an authentic product as well as a full of polyphony.

As I try the product, I feel it likes a supernatural engine of the sound along with 128-voice polyphony for both electric keyboards and extra sounds of the stage pianos.

In the display, it has 8 nuggets, 9 sliders, and the LED indicators to enhance the real-time for controlling in the sound effects.

How about the inside keyboard? It totally has 50 ones with the hybrid wooden material and a solid build. I believe that every player can perform it for a while of using!

Apart from the main sounds, this piano possibly gets more than you may know. Take time to relish the organs, strings, brass, synths, and so on. When you see 2 wave expansion slots, you will know that these are for making more sounds like the prior RD series.


  • The versatile engine in the piano
  • Ease of use and control your performance
  • Extra new features (to support you play any song)
  • Vigorous action

  • A bit expensive

10. Korg SV188BK

Korg SV188BK has 2 incredible pedalboards that you can adjust.

They could be an upright piano and the grand one.

Here are some specific features that you can note down.

Also, the accessories could be included in the main package.

  • 3-band EQ
  • 6 Pre-FX
  • 6 Amp Models
  • 6 Modulation FX
  • 6 Reverb
  • 1 Real tube
  • 12AX7 Valve Reactor
  • Stereo Outs (1/4-Inch & XLR)
  • Ins (1/4-Inch) Headphone
  • Damper Pedal
  • Stand (some models have the bag instead)

If you love the vintage sounds, then go with Korg SV188BK. The vintage style is so clear and deep as well.


  • Excellent keyboard
  • Included some necessary attachments
  • Good vintage sounds
  • Reasonable price tag

  • Not good in the quality shipping (the box could be broken)

The Differences Between Stage Piano And Digital Piano

Because many of us cannot differentiate between digital piano and a stage one, I think it is better to add this part of the article. To know the differences, you should make some small points like the playing purpose, the construction, the features, playing skills, etc.

Playing Purpose

Digital PianosStage Pianos
​Most of the digital pianos are built to reproduce the experience of the real sound from a piano. A digital piano has many features like connectivity, portability, and other new effects. These probably make them becoming an expensive item to own.Stage pianos are often used for advanced players and gurus. The stage pianos look like a truly transportable musical instrument to create the piano tone.


Digital PianosStage Pianos
​In general, the digital pianos are lighter than the stage one. These probably weigh between 25 and 60 pounds. Additionally, they have more keyboards than the stage pianos (they could have 61, 76 or even 88 keys).​Most of the stage pianos are lighter than the digital pianos. Some models even are less than 20 pounds. Besides, they do not have more keyboards which are 49 or 61 keys only. They also have a portable stand to play and store it anywhere.

Key Features

Digital PianosStage Pianos
​Because a digital piano has many keyboards, it can create a sensitive sound and improve the performance of the musical instrument.Furthermore, the overall weight is more than a stage piano, and this possibly makes mallet action.When it comes to the polyphony, a digital piano often has between 32 and 64 notes.You enable to find 5 main piano tones in the digital pianos like a grand piano, strings, harpsichord, jazz as well as a pipe organ.Like a digital piano, you can discover all features in a stage piano.However, the stage piano lacks the number of tones. The keys are well-known for being lightweight. You probably feel the stage as an artificial due to the man-made plastic. The note and sound are not perfect enough for a musical professional with around 30 notes.

Playing Skills

Digital PianosStage Pianos
​As the digital piano has a complicated structure than a stage piano, you must spend more time to master it.If you want to become a piano teacher or a pianist, then you could practice and play the acoustic piano or the digital.This product is also suitable for those who want to increase their level or to generate digital music.​The stage piano does not make you stress when practicing (unless you build a solid foundation of a piano!) Your fingers can feel each note, and your ears enable to touch the sound completely.


In fact, I also confuse between a digital piano and a stage one. All of my friends select the digital.

However, I spend the time to try these instruments. Then, I recognize that the stage one is right for me.

I just make my effort to choose the best stage piano! And I have done with it! Hope that you can, too!


Jack is the leading publisher of Fire Inside Music. He is teaching piano at a music school in Los Angeles. Since he was a teenager, Jack has had a great passion for music, the thing he enjoyed most was singing and playing the piano. He has excellent keyboard experience, works with William to help players select the best instrument to invest.