20 Halloween Piano Songs That Draw Evil Creatures To Your Front Door

Jack Pound by Jack Pound | Last Updated: June 17, 2020

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is time to start learning how to play some spooky songs on the piano to rock your party.

To save you time, we have researched and picked out the top 20 best Halloween piano songs that you can learn quickly without requiring a lot of techniques. Find out now!

20 Excellent Halloween Piano Songs

1. Monsters Everywhere

“Monsters Everywhere” is one of the most popular kid songs to play during Halloween. This song features simple melodies, so even if you are a new pianist, you can play it easily without spending too much time learning.

Especially if your family has some young members, “Monster Everywhere” is undoubtedly a perfect choice. What we like most about this song is that it evokes interestingly spooky images without being too scary for children.

2. Monster Mash

More than 50 years have passed since the first release, and Monster Mash is still a favorite Halloween song of many people. Bobby Pickett, the author of this song, came up with the idea when he was performing on stage one night.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback from the audience, Pickett made a few changes to the melody and wrote the lyrics inspired by his favorite monster movies. When it comes to Halloween playlists, Monster Mash is a classic song that you cannot miss out on.

3. Suspiria – Goblin

Like the soundtrack of a horror movie with the same name, Suspiria is one of the spookiest songs we have ever heard.

This 6-minute instrumental track, with a range of vivid sound effects like creepy whispers, devilish chimes, will give a scary feeling that perfectly fits into Halloween atmosphere.

After playing this piece of music, watch the movie again if you dare.

4. Thriller

You can play this smash-hit at any season, but it is especially suitable for Halloween. Energetic melodies can get people dancing to the song, so if you want a buzzing atmosphere at your party, do not forget to play Thriller.

The thrilling dance moves are not only unforgettable but also very exciting. No doubt that this is one of the best Halloween songs of all time.

5. This is Halloween

Have you ever seen the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas? Well, you will immediately realize this is a soundtrack from it.

What could be scarier than hideous characters with pale skin and big eyes? Featuring a simple but attractive melody, it is a great song that you can play at a Halloween party or even a school play.

6. Smoke

Smoke is a perfect song to add to any Halloween playlist. It is an instrumental song that is suitable for all ages, whether your guests are mostly children or adults. The song has a smooth, non-abrasive sound that will appeal to you from the first listening.

Not much more to say about Smoke other than it is one of the must-play songs at your costume party.

7. Spooky Scary Skeletons

If you are starting to learn how to play the piano, Spooky Scary Skeletons with simple tunes and easy-to-understand lyrics would be a perfect choice. In the movie or game-themed skeleton for children, people often use this song as background music.

Spooky sounds and creepy skeletons make a great Halloween spirit. Spooky Scary Skeletons may be a bit scary for kids, but it is a beautiful song to get people dancing.

8. Werewolves of London

How to set up a spooky atmosphere? Yes, Werewolves of London is a perfect one. Its melody is not only fascinating but also fun so do not forget to play Werewolves of London at your party. It is a perfect choice for karaoke as well.

9. The Skeleton Dance

Another creepy piano music for kids. Although it is not considered a Halloween themed song, the image of the dancing skeleton makes it interesting.

No doubt that it is a great song for children to sing and dance along with. “Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones” – what a fun Halloween song!

10. Don’t Fear the Reaper

When it comes to the most famous songs to play during the Halloween season, it would be a big mistake to ignore Don’t Fear the Reaper.

It is an interesting story that tells about a guy trying to get a girl to join him in death. That’s why he told her: Don’t fear the Reaper. The beautiful harmony makes it a great song to play on the piano at your party.

11. Somebody’s Watching Me

It is Halloween again, uh, costumes again. What is more terrifying than an unknown man who always stares at you from the dark? That’s precisely what the song is about. It is spooky and scary as if you are watching a horror movie.

So, try picking up an all-black outfit, wearing half skeleton makeup and play this piano song – it is perfect for an unforgettable Halloween season.

12. Ghostbusters

Whether you want to bring a gloomy or scary spirit to your costume party, there is always a song that meets all your tastes – Ghostbusters. With its attractive but simple melody, even you are a newbie at the piano; you can still play this song and sing along with.

13. Witch Doctor

In case you are looking for a vibrant Halloween song for your kids, nothing is better than Witch Doctor. Its fast and catchy tunes can get people standing up and dancing. Decorate your house with candles, scary spiders and get ready to enjoy the party with your little ones now!

14. Ten Scary Steps

Little Red Riding Hood – the main character in this song is taking some terrifying steps to get to her grandmother’s house. She had to face a fierce wolf, monster, wicked witch, etc. – all made this kid song an ideal choice for your Halloween party.

You and your kids can sing along and count to 10 while enjoying a few spooky surprises along the way.

15. The X-Files

Not to mention deaths or ghosts like other songs on this list, The X-Files is all about paranormal. There is something very mysterious that makes us feel a bit nervous and uneasy while listening to this melody. Anyway, play this song and feel it with your heart!

16. I Walked With A Zombie

We have covered bloody songs, spooky songs, vibrant songs, but what about zombie songs? Well, do not rush; we are here to rock your costume party with a song about living deads. The man in this song has walked with a zombie at night.

You were a fan of zombies, so let’s remember to add this song to your playlist.

17. The Hearse Song

For Halloween, the only thing more iconic than monsters and vampires is death. “Do not ever laugh as a hearse goes by, for you may be the next to die” – its creepy lyrics perfectly fit into the atmosphere of Halloween night.

18. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

For those who enjoy a song with vibrant, The Devil Went Down to Georgia is ideal. It is both creepy and entertaining. Even people who are not music enthusiasts cannot help themselves from moving their feet when listening to this tune.

19. The Time Warp

Play this song, and you can celebrate Halloween with a super fun dance. It never fails to make people happy. After listening to this track, add it to your Halloween playlist immediately just because you will not be able to get it off your head.

20. I Put A Spell On You

Finish off our Halloween playlist with a very famous song of the 1950s – I Put A Spell On You. The atmosphere this melody creates is so appealing that you may find it hard not to get caught in it. So if you want to find some great music to lift your mood, do not skip this song.

In Sum

Halloween is coming, and we could not be more excited. What better way to celebrate than to play a spooky song? If you are a piano lover and want to play some Halloween piano songs to rock your party, let’s take a look at our list above. Hopefully, you find our article helpful and happy Halloween!

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