The Best Piano Love Song to Melt Your Heart

Jack Pound by Jack Pound | Last Updated: June 16, 2020

Are you a big fan of romantic music? Do you have the passion to learn the new instruments?

If your answer is yes, this is a perfect place for you. The reason is that we are sharing the same interest and preference, so I am willing to introduce some amazing piano love songs, which may contribute to your existing musical source.

I am sure that these songs can definitely make your heart melt as well as allow you to become immersed in the melody at once.

In particular, there are a number of styles in this love song list, which will be suitable for any taste. Therefore, you can listen to them all, and then identify your own playlists.

The Best Piano Love Song to Melt Your Heart 

1. My Heart Will Go On 

First and foremost, My heart will go on has to be the name existing on this list. It has captivated the heart of many people as the best romantic love song of all times. With no doubt, you used to cry at least once when hearing this wonderful melody.

It is very heart-wrenching and brings a lot of emotions to all of the piano players. For those people who want to practice the dynamics as well as the phrasing, My heart will go on is actually your ideal choice.

You can begin this song by practicing the notes in your right hand. And then, when you can play smoothly, it is time for your left hand. You know that playing piano with both hands are not an easy task without the hard practice.

2. Love Dream (Liebestraum)

The second option in this love song list will belong to Love dream composed by Liszt. This classical masterpiece will bring you into a very sweet dream that you have never been to.

And of course, you can feel the stunning melody and harmony at the same time.

I used to love listening to this song all the time since it makes you feel very pleased and comfortable. Whenever you are tired of work or overloaded with school homework, turning on Love dream and lying on your bed will help you release stress and refine your spirit.

Especially, this song is very suitable for the formal events. Regardless of your age together with your musical knowledge, you are capable of feeling connected to the melody. Therefore, I highly recommend that you should sometimes let your children listening to this song.

3. All I Ask of You 

Next, we are going to discover some incredible points from All I ask of you. This romantic piece is originated from the movie Phantom of the Opera. Moreover, it is popular for being the stunning piano love song composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It is able to touch the depth of your heart even for the first time of the hearing. You can feel the wonderful melody in the right hand as well as the constant movement in the left hand simultaneously.

Both of these elements are the key factors to attract all of the listeners.

Furthermore, you will face some difficulties trying to practice the wide range of notes in this song. It is diversified from the low to the high octaves, which will certainly appeal the audiences who want to look for the emotional songs.

4. To a Wild Rose 

The fourth song in the list of the piano love song is To a wild rose by Edward MacDowell. I really love this fantastic piece since it is very simple and relaxing to hear every night.

This classic song will offer you a light and mezzo-piano feeling that you cannot resist. Besides, you will be impressed by the great chords as well as the fantastic melody.

This combination will deliver the romantic emotion to every listener. As a consequence, you can use To a wild rose as the opening song for weddings. This is the most meaningful message for your future partner without using any words or speech.

5. One Hand, One Heart 

Going to the next song, One hand, one heart is very popular for being the music for the motion picture called West side story. This song is another love song for weddings that you can give to either your husband or your wife.

Your beloved person will understand your heart after hearing this wonderful love song. It will become an excellent melody when playing in a classical context.

6. When a Man Loves a Woman 

Another piano love song that I have to mention in this list is When a man loves a woman. This melody has earned much reputation for being one of the most romantic pieces in the 80s.

You can feel the flirty harmony in this song, especially if you are in love right now.

Thus, you cannot ignore this wonderful piece since it is able to entertain you. In addition, you can recall the old memories that are pretty valuable during your youth.

7. Endless Love

In this love song list, I cannot neglect the existence of Endless love. This song is very special and unique when compared to the others since it is a pop love ballad song.

As soon as hearing the first notes, you can imagine the freedom together with the comfort in your mind.

Moreover, this ballad enables you to freely adjust and change the rhythm according to your own taste. In particular, you can control the trills along with reharmonizing the chords, so the whole piece is more outstanding and prominent.

8. Con Te Partiro 

Moving to the next part, I am going to show you the fascinating melody of Con te partiro. You can consider this name as Time to say goodbye which was composed by Andrea Bocelli.

It has a style of a classic and Mediterranean song that can grab your attention at first sight.

Thanks to the piano, this wonderful song sounds very affectionate and lovely. Hence, you will desire to have a kiss afterward. For the amateur and professional players, this romantic song is a precious opportunity for you to practice the changes in keys.

9. Corcovado 

Now, we are going to identify the amazing points of Corcovado that deserve a spot on this love song list. This piano piece is the great combination of jazz and the light melody.

As a result, you will be placed in a very romantic emotion, even the most difficult ones.

Furthermore, this masterpiece is very challenging for the piano players if you are a beginner. You will have such difficulties struggling with the chords’ voicing. However, if you make a great effort every day, you can make it in the end. And of course, this good love song deserves your attempt.

10. Sunday Kind of Love

We need to go back to the 1960s, and you can remember the song Sunday kind of love by Etta James. This incredible song cannot be deleted from our love song list since its tune is very lovey-dovey.

Hence, you will always want to be next to your lover immediately.

Besides, this is not an easy song to practice and play in front of the other people. You need to practice hard because you have to deal with the difficult verses, bridges, along with the chorus.

11. Scene From An Italian Restaurant

The next song has a very special and typical name which is similar to your normal life. Once hearing the first seconds of this song, you can imagine a very beautiful and fascinating scene in your mind.

In addition, you can play this piece not only in mid-tempo but also in the slow ballad.

12. Crazy After All These Years

Before ending this love song list, we need to know Crazy after all these years. Based on the folk song, you can realize that its lyrics are very poetic.

Thus, you can sing along with the melody without any barriers. Moreover, the stunning piece from Paul Simon is not a busy one, so you can create your personal phrasing to express your own style.

13. Dreaming of You and I Could Fall In Love

Last but not least, we will complete this list with two great songs including Dreaming of you and I could fall in love. By combining these two together, you can make a very fantastic song medley. They can actually catch the attention of the young people for sure.


In conclusion, I hope that all of my sharing will give you an overview of some incredible piano love songs. At this moment, you are able to listen to your own playlist and enjoy all of them after sorting through my introduction. However, in case you have any queries or confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.


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