The Unknown Benefits of Playing Piano

Jack Pound by Jack Pound | Last Updated: June 16, 2020

Playing pianos is a popular activity that most people can hear in their daily life. Even though someone cannot play it well because they have several different reasons such as their ability, their budget, their time, etc.

However, there is no denying that for those who select this musical instrument, they often get benefits of playing piano.

Unlike any string and wind instruments, pianos need to encourage the brain capacity and you also should have emotions more than others.

Therefore, playing the piano could be more difficult than other instruments, but a player will receive high impacts. What are these benefits?

Top Benefits of Playing Pianos

Decrease Stress and Prevent Anxiety Condition

Reducing stress is one of the best benefits of playing pianos that you should add to the list. The piano can allow you to get rid of all exhausted matters on your mind and your mind will forget these to focus on the music.

For those who choose to play the keyboard in order to relax, they have a great reversal of stress genes than others pick other methods. Thus, playing piano ought to become a rational stress therapy identified by all health professionals.

Enhance The Interaction Ability in The Classroom 

I am pretty sure that when most parents know this advantage, they will make a plan to bring their children to the playing piano classroom immediately!

If their children take part in piano lessons, they are probably more intelligent than other kids in the classroom.

Decrease Stress and Prevent Anxiety Condition - play piano.

According to McGill University in Montreal, Canada indicated that most grade school students that played piano for 3 years got higher on a test of both general and spatial areas than their friends.

These skills will have them do some advanced exercises and homework smoothly; especially in the mathematics points for young age too.

Boost Neural Connections 

Do you know that neurons transfer and convey information in our brain? From a study showed at Northwestern University, playing piano gets to neural connections.

When music is being performed, neural firings appear. Playing instruments like a piano ought to keep the key to master brain function. Add this point to the benefits of playing piano list right away!

Widen Vocabulary Promptly When Studying 

You usually must read while playing the piano to control the notes and melody. This task will train your eyes and hands to work closely at the same time.

Also, your hands can develop independent coordination. Each hand should perform completely different movements and it also has to learn to connect together to create the melody and multiple parts for the brain.

Furthermore, eyes and hands coordination is incredible skills to gain because they enable to improve your productivity and reaction time as well.

Due to this activity, you ought to reinforce neural pathways from the left side to the right side of the brain.

Support Language Development - playing piano.

Support Language Development

According to a study in San Raffaele University in Milan showed that children learn music before the age of 7 probably has much more vocabularies and increase language development no matter it is mother tongue or foreign language.

On the other hand, adults have a musical background like piano training in their childhood period can learn a foreign language faster and more effectively than those did not.

In other words, the brain activity is required at youth period via music still gets benefits in the adulthood time. This is amazing information to apply when players want to gain benefits of playing piano.

Develops Human Growth Hormone 

Playing piano may boost the production of HGH; especially for an older adult. Human growth hormones are connected to the reduction of the pains and the aches in the human age.

A research at University of Miami found that a number of people who got keyboard lessons have higher levels of HGH than the others do not do that.

Enhanced HGH production cause slowed progression of osteoporosis; built energy levels, muscle capacity, sexual function as well.

Crack Attentiveness

Through playing piano, you might learn how to take your hands to work closely. This task is a daunting task for the first time.

Crack Attentiveness

However, once you practice it on a regular basis, it will become natural motion. It allows you to improve the ability to pay attention to multiple things at the same time.

To success, you have to coordinate your hand movements, read the notes on the music in front of you and try to remember. If you do not draw attention to, you will lose the right track on the song.

You may surprise that the split concentration you enhance from playing the piano could be used to all life situations and multi-tasking points. This is one of the greatest benefits of playing pianos that everyone wants to get!

Encourage Creativity 

According to a study from Vanderbilt University psychologist showed that musicians often use a creative technique known as varying thinking. It needs you to take both sides of your brain to play an instrument like playing the piano.

Similarly, you have to use both hands to control the note and the keyboards. When you practice this technique all the time, you can become a creative thinker like a musician!

Hence, you totally think a problem with several factors and find out the best solution thereafter.

Enhance Memory Storage

When playing the piano, it maximizes the number neurons in your brain. The basic function is to transfer any database or information from your central brain to other parts of your body.

Some special neurons are storages for kept memory. Therefore, by enlarging the number of neurons you have, you are also increasing your memory storage.

Practice Hand Muscles 

For the first time of playing or practicing, you may feel uncomfortable in your hand muscles. This is a good sign for your muscles as they are improving in a natural way.

To play, you will need a set of solid and flexible wrists to enable to play the keyboards exactly. Practicing piano on a regular basis could improve your overall hand muscles gently.

Practice Hand Muscles

Advance Happiness

Playing piano generates so much fun and it will advance happiness for the player as well as for listeners. It probably has been an incredible source of entertainment for old ages. Also, it could still be in several good years to perform.

Intensify Mental Abilities

Playing music can fight emotional pain like loneliness, anxiety, depression. For those who do not have to get such pain will feel better mental health, boosting the immune system, and magnified mental capabilities such as empathy, sympathy, etc.

Improve Social Skills

Improve Social Skills

By playing a group like a band or an orchestra, you will communicate with several people from different background.

These actions will improve your social skills, build new conversations, and make friends. Furthermore, it will help you make better the relationship ties for the upcoming time.

Upgrade Motor Control

The motor skill is the capacity of the human body to create smooth and exact physical movements. It is developed by practice or gets prior experiences.

Furthermore, muscle memory is related to motor handles. You need to continue practice these muscle movement to hold it amazing or it will be lost for a while.

Piano playing requires frequent practice and it also supports the body to develop muscle memory in the long period of time which refers in the motor skills.

This muscle training aids in boosting the communication from the nervous system and the muscle groups.

Support Children Accept Criticism Easily

Children who learn piano lessons can get continuous feedbacks and honest criticisms from their teachers and other guides (if relevant).

This task helps them to accept criticism in a natural way with a positive mind so that it can build them stronger and better mental health. Criticism skills are also necessary for adults to learn when they have to use it for their work.

Support Children Accept Criticism Easily

Teach You Perseverance

Studying new songs on the piano spend time and add much effort. When you can play a song smoothly by your heart, you will take many weeks or months to practice it.

Because you look forward to enabling to play the song, you will have the motivation, learn patience, and improve your perseverance as well. These skills will usually assist you when you are faced with tough tasks at school or at work.

Achieve Your Discipline 

In fact, playing an instrument like piano could be quite challenging. Nonetheless, practicing and working hard with your piano will not only improve your play skill, but they also help you get discipline and perseverance.

The point here is you need to take into account the parts of the song you will want to practice over and over again. Practice the piano all the time will create discipline. Also, it will help you can work in every environment and workplace.

Improve Your Time-Management Skills

Nowadays, most people have a busy timetable and your schedule is quite full, too. However, everyone has only 24 hours to do everything in a day. Thus, to complete all your activities and duties in a day, you should organize them.

Improve Your Time-Management Skills

It is not easy to arrange your time precisely if you do not have the time-management skills.

When you practice piano lessons and other to-do lists on a regularly, you also learn how to use your time effectively as well as how to use a 20-minute time slot for a fast piano lesson.

Get More Emotional Intelligence and Improve Listening Skills

Playing the piano can boost your listening skills absolutely. These are also more crucial when you interact and communicate with other people.

Emotions are not only conveyed by facial expressions and body language, but they can display some parts such as the tone of voice, the speed of speech, the melody of speech, etc.

Typically, for those who play an instrument are great listeners and there is no doubt that most musicians are much more insightful in expressing the emotions of other people quite well.


Does piano make you smarter? Of course, playing the piano can improve your brain and your mental health without much hassle.

There are several benefits of playing piano that you have already discovered in the article based on my experiences and some collections from others.

Although you sometimes experience some disadvantages if you play it too many times, playing the piano is still a good idea to improve your natural abilities.

If you have further benefits when playing the piano, please share with us and other players. We can find out other amazing things about the piano playing story. This is the time you should begin with playing this instrument right now!


Jack is the leading publisher of Fire Inside Music. He is teaching piano at a music school in Los Angeles. Since he was a teenager, Jack has had a great passion for music, the thing he enjoyed most was singing and playing the piano. He has excellent keyboard experience, works with William to help players select the best instrument to invest.