What is the Best Digital Piano and Keyboard in 2020? See Top 10 Reviews

Top 10 Best Digital Piano Reviews in 2020

By William Cramer | Piano

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As you may know, there is a huge number of options when it comes to electronic pianos from hundreds of brands on the market.

Hence, you will see a world of difference between their sound quality, musical keyboard, and even materials.

You could be overwhelmed when entering that world for the first time. In today article, we will help you in choosing your best digital piano through our full-scale reviews of products for 2020 with informative buying guide.

Let’s get started!

Digital Piano from $ 2000

1. Yamaha YDP 184 -  All-around Choice

Are you seeking the best sounding digital piano for both advanced and beginner pianist?

This product might be your answer.

One of the plus points is that YDP 184 can offer the real acoustic feel at a reasonable price thanks to some of the best technologies integrated from Yamaha.

Many people assume that classical pianists often stick to acoustic pianos.

However, modern instruments can add more “spices” to their practice and performance.

That explains why this piano can vary their options.

Yamaha YDP 184

What about its design? You will love it for sure. The Arius YDP-184 comes with grand size and traditional design of a luxurious rosewood finish look, which shares the same appearance with an acoustic piano.

So, it can also be an excellent instrument for churches and concerts.

With the 88 keys, the YDP-184 offers you full functions to play your songs beautifully without distractions thanks to an easy-to-control and invisible panel set during the performance.

In detail, the piano comes with 24 realistic instrument sounds such as acoustic piano sounds guitar, stereo, symphony strings, and organs.

It also provides you with premium options for recording, including 250 songs and 16 tracks, and enables you to listen to your music by sufficient speakers equipped with 60 watts of stereo power.

Feel free to enjoy high-quality music in no time.


  • Easy usage

  • Best sounding for both beginners and experienced pianists
  • Excellent classic design
  • Good options for recording
  • Triple sensor key action
  • Responsive pedal


  • Relatively costly price
  • No Bluetooth

Digital Piano under $ 2000

1. Yamaha P515 - Good Sounding Digital Piano

Are you considering a stage piano or a good sounding digital piano?

Take a look at the Yamaha P-515.

Its features come with a grand piano such as the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano with fuller and more vibrant sounds.

Yamaha P515

Some people regard it as a stage piano since it can provide you with the closest sound and touch of a real acoustic piano.

In the meantime, it is convenient to move and use with the light weight.

So, advanced players usually make use of this product. Although the price seems a bit high compared to other stage pianos, you don’t need to upgrade the keyboard which has the absence of the last key as a real acoustic piano.

Plus, the P-515 has a great design of Natural Wood X action that often  appears in the high-end digital lines. Therefore, it is worth your consideration for playing in churches or concerts because of the same response as a grand piano.

Also, to offer accurate reproduced acoustic piano touch of sound, the model has 88 fully-weighted keynotes to improve the quality effects.

Because it is from the Yamaha brand, you can download and take advantage of the Smart Pianist app, which allows you to select a variety of lessons and get additional interactivity such as adjusting tones, voices and splitting melodies when playing.


  • Great sounding
  • Beautiful design
  • Close feel to a real acoustic piano


  • On top of the price tags
  • Limited sound effects
  • No Bluetooth

2. Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Digital Piano - Real acoustic feel

As a versatile option, the YDP-181 is an ideal choice for home use and professional purposes with realistic and full touch and feel of an acoustic piano.

The instrument comes with 88 keys accompanied by Graded Hammer action.

This feature results in more natural sounding outcomes with three damper pedals and half-damper effects for advanced control.

Do you usually have some issues with the control your notes?

Don’t sweat just yet.

You can control your pedals easily as half-pedal control supports the notes to be sustained depending on how far you press the pedals.

Yamaha Arius YDP-181

Also, Good news is that the unit contains three levels of touch sensitivity and Advanced Wave Memory Stereo sampling to vary your styles and techniques.

Thus, you can enrich your music without any hassles.

Are you planning to record your sound? 

The task can be done nicely thanks to the preset songs and track recording function so that you effortlessly learn songs and keep detailed progress recordings.

In this price range, the Yamaha Arius YDP-181 can worth your every penny with attention-grabbing sound effects and elegant design.


  • Realistic acoustic feel
  • Reasonable price
  • Elegant design
  • Included LED screen


  • No USB port
  • Narrow bench
  • Tough pedals
  • No labor warranty

3. Roland F-140R - Budget-friendly Styled Option

If you’re interested in a reasonable digital piano with a range of high-quality features, you can’t miss out the Roland F-140R. 

Roland has been maintaining their reputation by producing a variety of beautiful pianos on the market.

The Roland F-140R is a typical furniture-styled piano for home use.

With the modern, slim, and glossy finish, it can contribute to your elegant decor style while requiring very little space.

This eye-catching piano has a folding key cover, which is useful for both enhanced protection for the keyboard and music rest purposes.

Roland F-140R

Moreover, Roland F-140R can put a smile on your face with a supernatural sound engine and 88 fully-weighted hammer-action keys with Escapement and Ivory Feel.

What’s more, if you are looking for sounds that perfectly match your styles, don’t skip the chance to try 11 different piano voices.

Moreover, they are adjustable to include a wide variety of room ambiance settings.

Also, the touch sensitivity is excellent with five levels of dynamic sampling per note, which offers fantastic harmony of tones.

The piano comes with three foot-pedals, giving out soft, sostenuto and damper pedal action as a real grand piano touch.

Thanks to the unique technology from Roland, this model is a goldmine for catchy, realistic sounds compared to other costly “brothers”.


  • Stylish design for home use
  • Realistic sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No multi-track recording  
  • Fewer options for customization
  • No bench included

4. Yamaha YDP-144 - Digital Piano For Classical Pianists

Are you a classical music lover?

If yes, you might love the Yamaha Arius YDP-144 with its nice Mellow Grand Piano and Pop Grand sound.

It can be a perfect fit for a classical pianist.

So, how are the sound effects like?

To be honest, it doesn’t feature the whole touches of sounds, but some certain sounds are pretty impressive. 

There is no doubt that it can cover all the basics of what you expect from a digital piano.

In detail, apart from the Yamaha CFX Grand Piano sound, you can have a chance to enjoy the beautiful, sentimental and sweet tone of Mellow Grand Piano and a jazzier sensibility of Pop Grand Piano.

Yamaha YDP-144

This exceptional piano can provide you with multiple options to select such as Electric Stage Piano, DX Electric Piano, Harpsichord, Jazz Organ, Strings Organ and Pipe Organ (perfect for churches) based on your preferences.

To imitate the feel of real hammers inside of an acoustic piano, the key may feel stiffer on the lower end and lighter on the higher end of the keyboard.

With 88 keys and a matte finish on the surface of the black keys, it not only makes you impressed by a clean look, but also helps to absorb any moisture. 

Thus, you don’t need to be anxious about your sweat because of the high temperatures or your nerves while playing. 

Your fingers can still stick well on the keys to give perfect performances.


  • Advanced CFX Sound Engine
  • Great sounding
  • High-quality key action
  • For beginners and intermediates


  • Basic Key Action
  • No Bluetooth
  • Weak Speakers
  • No ebony and ivory keys

Digital Piano Under $ 1000

1. Kawai ES110 - Digital Piano For Home Use

When it comes to a portable digital piano under $1000, it would be a mistake not to mention Kawai ES110.

This model allows you to move around and put it effortlessly on a stand in your living room.

If you asked us to recommend an option for starters,

Kawai ES110

Kawai ES110 - a stage piano would be worth your investment due to its compact and lightweight design.

Despite the look of plastic with a matte finish, the harmony of sounds can work well for you.

Do you like to vary your melodies creatively? If yes, don’t forget to make use of the easy-to-use control panel and built-in sound effects.

The control panel is a barebone with a lot of functions and combinations so that you had better read through its manual before using.

Kawai ES110 Stand

Besides, you can quickly control and press the realistic keynotes with different forces and have a full list of other instruments in the sections to create subtle, catchy tones as you prefer.

The Kawai ES110 comes along with touch sensitivity that can be adjustable by four preset settings.

Therefore, it provides you with a wide range of tone panels. 

The harder you press the keys, the louder the sound effects become.


  • Portable
  • Excellent key action
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Internal recording
  • Sustain pedal supporting half-pedaling


  • No included bench
  • Weak speakers
  • No triple sensor

2. Yamaha P125 - Highly Portable Design

P-125 is an excellent option for home use and gigs with a modern and compact design.

Like Kawai ES110, this model comes with a minimal plastic look, which fits well for narrow spaces such as personal rooms and dorms.

Are you thinking whether this compact digital piano work well?

There is no need to worry. It  can still create high-quality sound expected from a reliable instrument brand Yamaha. 

Yamaha P125

Besides, the compact size is ideal for you to bring along to your performances.

Also, the piano gets inspired from the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand.

It has a red felt ribbon across the tops of the keys and a beautiful curve on the front panel, which makes it impressive with its look.

Yamaha P125 front look

Regarding the sound, it won’t let you down with the real touch of an acoustic piano with high control of the touch sensitivity, which is perfect for those who are looking for the closest feel.

Let’s imagine that you are playing your favorite songs in a peaceful evening by this digital piano while the music sounds like from a real acoustic piano. How amazing it is.

The P-125 has become famous for intermediate digital pianists because it has Ivory/Ebony simulated materials on the keys to improve grip and create a more authentic and enjoyable experience.

In its price range, the piano seems to be an affordable choice  among realistic and reliable keyboard actions. 

But, it belongs to the lighter side of the spectrum, which hardly makes a good impression on those who prefer stiffer performances.


  • Compact design  
  • Great speaker system
  • Smart Pianist App compatibility
  • USB Audio Interface


  • Not so realistic key action
  • A limited selection of sound effects
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

3. Yamaha DGX-660 88 Weighted Key Grand Digital Piano

Once you buy this Yamaha PGX-660, you will get FastTrack 1 DVD, Focus on Piano (book), Dust Cover, and Know Bench.

Their Piano Room gives players different options to adjust settings for a personal piano environment.

Interestingly, the Score Display will show you music notation on the screen that is advantageous to you so that you can play your preferred songs but still follow its bouncing ball.

The reason why this brand – Yamaha often appears as the most famous brand for digital piano is the GHS weighted keyboard working exactly like an acoustic piano.

Yamaha DGX-660

Moreover, this model also features the Pure CF Sound Engine generates a sampled tone of Yamaha concert pianos.

As a result, you will feel like your room is suddenly turned into an opera house.


  • Provides realistic sounds
  • Onboard USB Audio Recorder to make your music shareable
  • Various acoustic settings to establish a private performance environment
  • Yamaha Musicsoft gives users preset karaoke songs to sing along
  • Has full accessories


  • The keys are a bit too heavy

4. Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano

On the journey to choosing your digital piano keyboard, you will want to buy something that tends to stay with you for years later, right?

Thus, a piano which is appropriate for players at different levels would be a good choice. 

This Yamaha YPG digital piano is great for practice because of the portable keyboard system aside from the full-sized 88 keys.

Y.E.S (Yamaha Education Suite) will break the song into smaller components and reconstruct them when you master those.

The TEMPO mode adjusts tempo and monitors playing based on your accuracy and give you a score at the end thanks to the Minus One Mode.

Yamaha YPG-535


  • Graded Soft Touch with full-size 88 keys
  • Includes many accessories like sustain pedal, adapter, and stand
  • Allows players to connect to USB
  • High-quality sound due to WAVE ROM
  • Various styles and voices
  • Chord Dictionary illustrates chord names and notes for you to play via the LCD screen


  • Screen is not durable
  • The noise is a bit too loud when pressing keys

5. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

If you love elegant design, Casio Privia PX-160 might be considered to be your best digital piano.

There are 2 colors for you to choose – black and gold. 

Otherwise, the product comes with a polishing cloth, instructional book, and DVD, furniture bench, triple-pedal system, and furniture stand.

As one of the leading brands, the Acoustic and intelligent Resonator (AiR) offers their seamless product expressiveness and authentic piano sounds as well which are all for your powerful performances.

Apart from 88 keys, Tri-Sensor Hammer Action II keyboard system combined with ivory texture and smooth ebony gives you an incredible feeling.

Casio Privia PX-160

The manufacturer installs a lot of items to make your music shareable including onboard recorder, headphone output jacks, layer and split capabilities, and duet mode.


  • Improved speaker system
  • Elegant design with 2 classic colors
  • Comes with full-scale accessories
  • AiR technology to produce authentic sounds


  • Restricted sound options

Digital Piano Under $ 500

Last words but not least, Price does not always come with Quality.

Sometime you can easily find a piano that will please you with a limited budget.

For this type, you should pay more attention to some features such as sound quality, mobility and lesson system for beginners.

If you are looking for cheaper but still quality pianos, you can check out our article: "Best affordable digital piano under $ 500to have the best option.

What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano/Keyboard?

To be honest, selecting the best digital keyboard/piano means to look for an instrument that can satisfy your personal needs instead of purchasing the most expensive one.

The first question you should ask yourself is ‘How good am I at playing the piano?’

  • Elementary Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

As a newbie, a portable and small digital piano come highly recommended.

At this time, please do not worry too much about the extensive selections of sound options or keys because you start learning the basics.

However, an instrument from a top brand is still a top priority.

I highly recommend the price range under $500.

Okay. So after clarifying how well you play the piano, we should take a further step by considering other 3 major criteria to buy your find out the most suitable option.

1. Technical Features

It is obvious that the most important thing regarding choosing the best e-instrument is technical things. What are they?

The Key Range

Our advice for you is to always go for a piano which has at least 60 keys since once you improve, you will need to practice more difficult pieces requiring a longer keyboard.

Some products come with a limited number of keys that are insufficient when you become an intermediate or pro players.

Fortunately, the piano keyboard often has 88 keys including 36 and 52 part for the black and white respectively.

Some luxury products, especially from Austrian brands, the number can go up to 92.

Number of Sounds, Notes & Tones

As your digital piano, like keys, you will want a digital model which can allow players to utilize multiple sounds and tones as well as to produce different notes at one time (polyphony) to ensure that the song is perfectly played.

In fact, a lot of advanced pianos, you can easily download new sounds and tones within seconds.

Built-in Sound Cards

The reason why people love a high-quality piano is that they can use headphones.

Sadly, not all of them will support high-end ones affecting finer sounds.

Hence, in case you desire to experience amazing sounds, you had better choose an instrument from big names as they usually have a good built-in sound card.

Weighted Keys or Not?

If you have a chance to play the real piano, you might be shocked due to how heavy the keys are.

Therefore, to be an expert pianist, you must learn and practice a lot to develop the strength of your fingers for a better ability.

This will strongly support you in playing intense pieces of music.

Of course, not everyone can deal with it right away, and that is why digital pianos are produced with customizations and adjustments.

Now, these digital ones are equipped with the hammer action system to offer players similar experiences to pressing your fingers on keys of a grand piano. 

Most of them bring you 3 to 5 different settings of touch sensitivity from fixed, soft, medium and hard so that you can get used to the weighted keys of classic instruments over time.

Recording Features

You might want to record your song to see how good or bad your performance is, right?

Some install internal hard-drives while others allow players to connect the piano and external hard-drives easily.

Otherwise, remember to check the recording quality.

2. Portability

One feature of digital pianos that we are interested in is the portability.

Although they have a wide range of sizes, overall, these instruments are more lightweight and easy to carry or place in a small space in comparison with classic pianos.

If you often go traveling and like to bring it along, the best digital keyboard for you should not be heavy which are usually cheap and portable models.

3. Price

Honestly, pianos, in general, always start at a quite high price, at least $100.

Thus, you must set fixed budget to know how much you can afford.

Of course, lesser brands will offer you lower costs, but you have to be careful about the quality.


In all situations, we still advise you to purchase a product from well-known brands due to the quality and ongoing maintenance.

In case you do not have enough money for those high-grade pianos yet, you can find used electronic pianos which are offered for sale.


That is all for today, and we hope that with our specific reviews and detailed buying guide, you will find much easier to buy a digital piano on your own.

To point out a standout among these candidates, we would like to recommend the Casio Privia PX-160 model which are very suitable for students at all levels from elementary to advanced.

Besides the full-size digital keyboard, it provides accurate grand piano sounds and has built-in speaker system in a practice room or at home and the line-out slot for connection to external loudspeakers to help you perform on stage, 

Have any concerns? Leave a comment below, and we will discuss later. Thanks so much for your reading.


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