Casio CTK 6200 Review: Amazing Sound For A Portable Keyboards

Jack Pound by Jack Pound | Last Updated: June 20, 2020

If you have got your itchy fingers, why don’t you play some songs on the keyboard piano called CTK-6200 from Casio?

Why is this product?

As it is a perfect option with extra advanced features. It suits both newbies and advanced users.

Now, follow our Casio CTK 6200 review to discover what makes it excellent like that:


Below are the main specs of this model:


In this aspect, it has 700 tones and lots of effects. They offer incredible possibilities for any style.

Casino records these pre-programmed sound source and digital samples of acoustic musical instruments.

This process uses the most advanced digital technology.

This CASIO original sound technology is also perfect. 

The sound source can reproduce the whole natural smoothness of the original waveform.

Casio CTK 6200's Sounds


The different input/output terminals can adapt to different needs. Its USB port also creates convenient MIDI and computer connection.

It enables quick transfer of song sequencer, tone editor, pattern sequencer, audio data recorded to an SD memory card from an audio appliance between a computer and digital keyboard.


This electronic keyboard is a perfect value and supplies lots of features for a player on a budget:

  • 61 touch-sensitive keys (full size)
  • 210 preset wonderful rhythms
  • 700 built-in synthesizer and orchestral tones
  • Tone and rhythm editor
  • Graphic equalizer (five presets)
  • Built-in songs: five (demo tunes)
  • Store about ten original songs
  • 32-channel mixer
  • 4-way speaker system
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Audio and headphone jack
  • High-output bass reflex speakers
  • 17 sequencer tracks
  • SD card slot (for an SDHC or SD memory card)
  • Built-in effects including delay, chorus, flanger, reverb, and more

Dimension And Weight

Dimensions (W x D x H): 948 mm x 384 mm x 122 mm

Weight: 5.7kg (excluding batteries)/ 12.5 lbs (No batteries)

Dimension And Weight Of Casio CTk 6200

Premium Package

The package has the CTK-6200 keyboard, headphones, a stand, a power supply, and a keyboard manual.

Here, its Samson HP30 closed-back studio headphones are great.

The headband and ear-cups along with 40mm drivers are satisfying. The range is from 20Hz up to 20,000 Hz.

Its stand is a single-braced, heavy-duty, steel keyboard one. It can hold the greatest weight of up to 130 pounds.

And there is no need for batteries either with the power supply.

Our Casio CTK 6200 Review

Now, it’s time for useful information about the model CTK 6200:

Effects And Tones

Most newbie keyboard products provide 300 or even 400 tones.

But this model has 700 superb keyboard voices due to its AHL technology.

Some players may suppose that it’s unnecessary to use many tones.

Effects And Tones Of Casio CTK 6200

However, when you’re serious about music performing and need advanced points on this model, that number 700 will be useful for you.

You can even perform any of its 210 preset amazing rhythms with any of 700 available tones.

Moreover, with digital multi-effects, you’re able to apply to all the tones and create any sound you like. That sounds great, right?

​Rhythm Editor

The editor will let you edit those preset rhythms and the built-in sounds or any voices. Then, you can save that edited voice into a player voice section.

With the graphic equalizer, you can adjust levels of treble and various frequencies. This point gives you more in-depth and extra control while creating your music.

Multi-Track Virtual Recording Studio

Its song sequencer offers 16 tracks and the other system track. It has excellent support for sound recording to such 5 songs.

You can record 16 different tones or instruments for every track for multi-track real recording abilities.

You will become a one-player band or a one-player orchestra. How awesome!

Multi-Track Virtual Recording Studio Of Casio CTK 6200

Touch Sensitivity

If you are going to play some music on any real piano, this factor is significant. Why? Like real pianos, the harder users press on the key, the stronger its sound will be.

It will help you play the wonderful melody (often with your right hand). That can be even louder than its accompaniment (with your left side).


With all those features of this model, you may suppose it will weigh about 50 lbs, right?

Anyway, it weighs around 12.5 pounds. This feature makes it one of the most portable piano keyboards that you can carry to any place.

You can check out the demo of Casio CTK 6200 right below:

In addition to those perfect advantages, there are still some drawb​acks:

Unlike many beginner Casio keyboards, this product does not provide microphone support that can go well with its song sequencer.

Besides, the non-lighted key is another minus in the near-perfect model. Most beginners may miss this factor.

For users who are familiar with all basics, they may find that an omission.

Anyway, with its mentioned brilliant features, this Casio CTK 6200 is still worth your investment, agree?


  • SD card support
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • Virtual multi-track recording studio
  • Many digital effects
  • Built-in USB port
  • Lots of digital effects
  • Beginner friendly

  • Non-lighted keys
  • No microphone support

Comparison With Casio CTK 6250

For those who are seeking a great-quality and portable performance keyboard, Casio will give them some of the best choices available on the market

And two Casio options which may suit users’ budget are CTK 6200 vs. CTK 6250.

Many buyers often get confused in selecting between Casio CTK 6200 vs. 6250 since they look similar to each other.

Comparison With Casio CTK 6250


Both models are portable keyboards. Each keyboard is 948 mm wide, 384 mm deep, and 122 mm tall.

Anyway, it is still possible to deliver them without any issues.

Also, they are 61-key keyboards ideal for different skill levels. They both have piano-style touch-response keys.​

In other words, they can play loudly or more softly according to how you strike their keys.

Both of them have 48-note polyphony and use the AHL dual-element sound source.

Each has five types of chorus, five equalizer-presets, ten reverb, twelve auto-harmonize as well as 150 types of arpeggiator.

As you can see:

They are likely twins with lots of the same features.

So, what are their differences?

The most noticeable difference between them is the color of their top panel.

Casio CTK 6200 has a black control panel. Its wheel under the display screen features a cool backlight. Meanwhile, its pitch bend wheel is on the left side of the keyboard.

​Casio CTK 6250 has the same layout as its twin. Yet, it features a red control panel that brings some color to the otherwise plain keyboard

Casio CTK 6200 VS Casio CTK 6250 Panel

In a word:

It is up to each user! You can select the color that you like the most. Their capabilities and features are still the same.

In case you want still want a cheaper option, then Casio CTK 6200 will be better. It is now having a lower price than Casio CTK 6250.


Q: Can I transpose on CTK 6200 piano-style keyboard?

We would say that you can because there is a choice to transpose on it.

Q: Are keys of this model weighted as those of real pianos?

Thanks for your question. In this case, they are not. Usually, the models having weighted keys will be more expensive than this model.

Q: Can I connect this keyboard to my laptop?

The answer here is yes. As we mentioned earlier, this CTK-6200 keyboard comes with many connectivity options including the SD card slot and USB port.

Thus, you will easily transfer all of the favorite songs as well as audio data thanks to the help of its USB port.

Q: Can I use this CTK-6200 ​model as a MIDI controller?

We would say that it is possible. Its USB port will let you use this keyboard as the MIDI controller thanks to its both send and receive function.


Well, in case you get interested in learning the way of playing music on such a keyboard, discovering beyond all rudimentary basics, or songwriting, then this keyboard will be an ideal option for you.

It has the professional sound, the various recording tracks features, and the convenient connectivity to any computer through its USB port.

CTK 6200 will not make you disappointed.

You will easily play any original song and compose on this amazing keyboard piano with no troubles.

The price range of CTK 6200 is also affordable when you consider all the innovative features. They always strive to bring convenience to piano lovers.

Don’t hesitate to buy it right now to enjoy the best music experience. Thanks for consulting our review of excellent CTK 6200 from Casio.

You find our post helpful, don’t you? So, give it a like and share! See you soon in the following interesting articles!


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