Yamaha P71 Vs P115 – How To Tell Which One Is The Best For You?

Jack Pound by Jack Pound | Last Updated: June 7, 2020

Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P115 are two of the newest models of the P series at reasonable prices. They are two models replacing the previous P45 and P105, and both of them show improvement over their predecessors.

But, which is the most suitable option for your needs?

That’s what we will discuss below.

Both of these lines have their own unique features, so the question of “which one is better?” has caused much controversy to beginners and even professional players.

From the perspective of piano salespeople, we have listed some fundamental differences between Yamaha P71 vs P115 for you. We hope this comparison will explain your queries with details.

Yamaha P71 (P45) Vs. P115


Like all other mid-range instrument products of the Yamaha P series, both of the two pianos are lightweight and compact.

Because they are just portable keyboards without a stand, their weight is only about 25-26 pounds.

Thanks to the small weight, you can take your piano wherever you want.

You can either put it on the table, in bed, or bring it to the piano class, for example.

Besides, they are suitable for those who don’t have ample space.

Yamaha P71 Digital Piano

Yamaha P71 Overview

Otherwise, you may want to consider some other Yamaha options of the stand to purchase separately. Hence, the piano will look more professional, no longer feel like a plastic electric keyboard.

Finally, they are available in two colors of white and black for you to select. With matte finish keys, you won’t be afraid of slipping when your hands sweat.


In terms of keyboards, both versions have a full 88-key size with Graded Hammer Standard technology to create a feeling similar to a real acoustic piano.

In an acoustic piano, the keys often have to impact on larger strings and hammers. The high notes affect the thinner strings and smaller hammers.

The most striking feeling when playing piano P71 and P115 is that you will have more control over your fingers as well as reducing the burden on your fingers. Thus, you can practice for a few hours without worrying about getting tired.

Yamaha P115

Yamaha P115

There is another remarkable feature of the keyboard, which is touch sensitivity.

That is, the harder you touch the key, the bigger it sounds. It is notably excellent when you are familiar with piano skills, making your performance more vivid and colorful with different rhythms.

While they are precisely the same, when playing the piano, you may notice that P115’s keys seem softer than P71.


The sound of Yamaha P71 is said to be quite beautiful because it was created from AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) Sound Engine. If you don’t know about it, let us explain.

The brand has used digital technology to record the sound of an acoustic piano and inserted it into this P71, making it more realistic.

As for P115, it is adopted by the Yamaha Pure CF Sound Engine along with the Pianist Style function.

Thanks to that, you can play more comfortably by creating a rhythm with easy chords throughout the performance.

In our opinion, with the breakthrough in audio technology, P115 is ahead of P71.

Not only that, the number of preset voices of P115 is higher than P71, helping players more comfortable to control tones and use downloaded applications provided by Yamaha.


The polyphony describes the number of sounds that the instrument can play at the same time.

The larger this number is, the more realistic the song is. That means it is more similar to an acoustic piano rather than an electric keyboard.

In terms of sound quality, Yamaha P115 outperforms the P71 when it offers 192 notes to players, more than P71 128 keys – an impressive quantity.


Besides exceptional sound quality, a good piano can’t lack speakers, which combine with harmony to create a song that can attract listeners.

If you are concerned about the status of the speakers, we highly recommend that you should buy Yamaha P115.

Why do we say that?

That’s because P115 has a built-in speaker system with bright and clean audio resonance, including four 7W + 7W speakers. Meanwhile, P71 only has a pair of 6W speakers.

However, if you like other benefits of P71 and want to ignore this shortcoming, there is a reasonable approach for you.

That is, you can invest in a good pair of headphones or an external speaker system.

Headphones are said to transmit sound from the P71 better than the available speaker system.

Also, if you frequently need to practice the piano, headphones are definitely the essential accessory.

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Yamaha P115 Bundle

Yamaha P115 Bundle



The modes equipped for Yamaha P71 vs P115 are no different, including Dual Mode, Split Mode, and Duo Mode.

In particular, the most notable is the Duo Mode that is very useful for piano teachers to tutor their students. In other words, it allows for side-by-side piano practice.

Music Library

Any piano learner needs to have preset songs to practice. With Yamaha, its keyboards provide popular songs from the world’s great composers such as Bach, Debussy, or Beethoven, etc.

However, P115 is still superior to P71 with 50 preset songs, while P71 only has 10 units.

But, you don’t have to worry too much because both keyboards have USB TO HOST port. It allows you to download many other songs in MIDI available on the Internet.

Recording And Playback

To improve your piano skills and knowledge, you’ll need the recording and playback functions of Yamaha keyboards that are also available in the editions of P71 and P115.

While P115 allows you to save your tracks in MIDI format, the P71 does not support MIDI port. Instead, it uses the USB port to do the same thing. You can record the practice sessions as well as replay them when practicing.

In addition, its Dual Mode also has the function to play your songs back or play at the same time when you are playing the piano.

Rhythm Section

Regarding Yamaha P71 vs P115 rhythm combat, P71’s built-in rhythms are still less than the P115. Their popular patterns include Pop, Bossa Nova, Swing, Disco, Jazz, Samba, and more.

You can choose one from them to make your music more lively and vibrant. In addition, they also help you shape the style you want to direct to and become more professional.


When it comes to connectivity, the P71 has a USB port, a headphone jack, and a jack for a sustain pedal.

At the same time, the Yamaha P115 has additional Aux Out jacks and one more headphone jack. The unique thing is that you can plug two headphones at the same time.

With the USB port, connecting a keyboard to a computer or smartphone is no longer impossible.

As a consequence, you can integrate it with several music applications and transfer your recorded tracks from the piano to those devices.

Yamaha P115 Connectivity

Yamaha P115 Connectivity

Besides this, is there even something more to add?

That is, in the P115 version, Yamaha has applied a new application called Digital Piano Controller.

It is a pretty handy app, allowing users to control many functions of the keyboard via iOS devices, such as changing the settings and sounds.

However, you still need to plug the phone or computer into the piano because it does not provide a wireless connection.


There are some items that you must invest in for your keyboard, whether it’s Yamaha P71 or P115.

The first and foremost items are a stand and a sustain pedal. Although both versions have pedals for users, they are still not really suitable because of their unprofessional appearance.

So, you can look to buy some items of Yamaha’s other keyboard editions, which offer a more realistic look of an acoustic piano.

That is similar to the second accessory – the piano case. Some users find the case or bag a bit wider than their Yamaha keyboard, so they decide to spend a small amount of money to buy another alternative that fits better.

Finally, it is a pair of headphones. Not only does it help you focus while studying, but it also avoids disturbing your neighbors, making the learning environment more private.

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To Sum Up

While Yamaha P115 may have more outstanding features and better sound systems, the P71 still pleases people who are beginners and those who don’t require such those differences.

Therefore, unless you are an intermediate or professional piano player, the P71 is an excellent choice for your budget. Otherwise, there is no better option for skillful intermediate learners than the Yamaha P115.

Also, if you need further information, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Don’t hesitate to like and share the review with others if you find it useful for you. Thank you.

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