Yamaha P105 Vs P115: Fully Tested And Compared

Jack Pound by Jack Pound | Last Updated: June 7, 2020

When it comes to high-quality and affordable electric piano, Yamaha is probably the first brand you can consider.

With long experience in the electronics market, it is not difficult to find the popular keyboards of this brand. In which, it would be a shortcoming if we miss mentioning P105 and its replacement product, the P115.

So, what makes P115 a model that this brand wants to outperform P105 in sales and popularity? And does P115 really suit you compared to the previous edition?

After reading this Yamaha P105 vs P115 comparison, you will better understand whether they are a piano worthy of your time and money.

Let’s start!

Yamaha P105 Vs P115 Comparison

General Similarities

Yamaha P105

Yamaha P105

Yamaha P115

Yamaha P115

First of all, we will point out similarities between the two lines, including design, sound, and some of the keyboard’s features.

  • 88-key keyboard
  • Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Fully-weighted keys
  • Reverb effects
  • Metronome, Record function, Split, and Transpose
  • Headphone and USB ports
  • Sustain pedal included


About design, aesthetics, and dimensions, Yamaha P115 and P105 are nearly the same. They are light in weight and they do not include stand.

Perhaps the best thing about both keyboards is that they are incredibly convenient to move.

Whether you play at home, in class, or perform âat a specific location, they can be packed quickly and efficiently for transportation.

These pianos can sit on an X-shape stand, but for those who want to display the keyboard in fixed places, Yamaha also has wooden stands for these two lines.

For players who want to have the excellent piano experience, the P115 edition supports a two-pedal unit, thus offering a real feeling.

For P105, if you choose to buy the L85 stand, you’ll have a 3-pedal one including sostenuto, a soft pedal, and a sustaining pedal.

In general, although the design is a bit simple, Yamaha P105 and P115 are understandable for a budget price.

Moreover, they are suitable for those who want to start learning piano or professional piano players who want to practice at home.

Yamaha P-105(Black) Bundle

Yamaha P-105(Black) Bundle


The Yamaha P115 and P105 are two 88-key pianos, and they have the same key size.

They are outstanding electric keyboard models with Weighted Grade Hammer Action technology, the most basic hammer action of Yamaha.

Designed with a GHS standard keyboard, the two pianos make players feel close to an acoustic piano when play light, heavy keys.

Also, the technology will help you attain proper finger training skills thanks to the sensitivity of the keystroke as an acoustic piano.

So, it will promote them to become the best pianos for use in both performance and practice.

Besides, the improved key will facilitate your training for long periods.

The keyboard is touch-sensitive.

Furthermore, with four preset settings available, including Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed, you can optionally adjust the touch-sensitive level of the keyboard to be more flexible.


On the sound aspect, Yamaha did quite well when making P115 a new step compared to P105.

There are a few changes in both polyphony and speakers that you will find interesting when talking about the later version of P105.

First, let’s talk about similarities among them

With 14 preset voices that are relatively accurate and sharp in sound, the Yamaha P115 and P105 electric keyboards make it easier to control tones and use downloaded applications provided by the brand.

Using the Pianist Style function, you can play more comfortably by creating a rhythm with easy chords throughout the performance.

The P105 is the first model to be adopted by the Yamaha Pure CF sound engine, and P115 is also followed by this technology.

As you know, Yamaha has long been famous for acoustic pianos. The editions of Yamaha’s electric keyboards are sampled with the sound of these superior and high-quality acoustic pianos, including the Yamaha P115 and P105.

Sampled with the sound from Yamaha CFIIIS 9′ Concert Grand Piano, they stand out at lower notes and unique resonance, competing with acoustic pianos.

The next is about the opposite side

The Sound Boost feature is also added to P115, which helps you cut through the mix when playing in small ensembles by adding some EQ and volume.


With 192 Polyphony notes upgraded from P105 (128 notes), the Yamaha P115 allows players to perform any song or piece of music they want easily.

In specialized terms, “poly” means “many” and “phony” is “sound(s).”

Thus, “Polyphony” represents the number of sounds played at the same time. Compared to the P105, your performance on P115 will be much more lively, no longer monotonous.


Yamaha P115 has a modern, compact design, and its speakers are no exception.

Four speakers of the P115 are 7W + 7W. They are a bit small, but the sound is judged to be relatively obvious. They are capable of expressing the unique sounds of Yamaha in a more transparent way and higher quality than the Yamaha P105.

Yamaha P105 has only two speakers, so the P115 evidently has a more outstanding speaker system than its previous model.



Both keyboards come with a variety of modes which are Dual Mode, Split Mode, and Duo Mode.

Of which, Duo mode is considered the most useful when it divides the keyboard into two halves with the identical pitch ranges (two middle C’s).

Therefore, you and your piano teacher, for example, can perform simultaneously with each having your own middle C.

It will help a lot, especially when you need to practice to improve your skills.

Yamaha P115 Bundle

Yamaha P115 Bundle

Music Library

Like other versions in the Yamaha P series, both P115 and P105 offer 50 most popular preset songs from many famous composers like Bach, Debussy, or Beethoven, etc. You can rely on them to practice.

The USB TO HOST port also helps connect the piano directly with other external devices such as computers or iPad, which you can exchange MIDI files in Yamaha P115. Also, using the piano as a MIDI controller with music applications is possible with this feature.

As for P115, Yamaha provides the Digital Piano Controller application to help the players control various parameters of the piano. However, it only works on Apple devices.

Recording And Playback

When you practice the piano, it would be extremely convenient if you can record your performance. Hence, you’ll know which notes you need to improve or change the rhythm to be better. With P105 and P115, you will master with recording/playback feature provided by Yamaha.

In particular, you can edit the song right away on the recording itself. However, the P105 only enables you to record one track at a time, and it doesn’t support the MIDI output connector.

Rhythm Section

While the Yamaha P105 is available with 10 built-in rhythms, the P115 version is more appreciated with a more plentiful number of rhythms. With P115, you can choose from 1 of 14 popular patterns, which includes Pop, Bossa Nova, Swing, Disco, Jazz, Samba and more.

As a result, your song will be more vivid and colorful when played on P115 compared to its older edition.


This is a feature of the P115 which has been improved by Yamaha compared to the P105. Increasing connectivity options makes connecting keyboards with smart devices faster and more accessible.

The keyboard includes two Headphone jacks, USB to Host port, Aux Out jacks and Sustain jack. Of these, you can plug two headphones at the same time.

Yamaha P115 Connectivity

Yamaha P115 Connectivity

Besides, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the Digital Piano Controller application for iOs devices also makes the P115 more attractive in the Yamaha P105 vs P115 battle.


We all have to admit that it will be much more advantageous to have a specialized stand for a piano. However, for versions of the Yamaha P series, it seems that the brand has not equipped them with a stand as a result of their budget prices.

But don’t worry too much as the company also provides players with many alternatives to some lines. For example, you can buy an X-type stand or L85 furniture stand for the P115.

Also, if you only need a portable keyboard, these two pianos are really reasonable choices for you both in quality and price.

At the same time, some essential accessories for a piano include pedals, headphones, and carrying bags (you should buy another if the one available does not fit perfectly your piano).

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Although it is the latter model compared to the P105, Yamaha P115 has been appreciated by piano players in the world.

In addition to advanced sound effects, Yamaha P115 also has many useful functions that Yamaha P105 has not yet reached. Therefore, it is obvious that the more optimal option here for you is Yamaha P115.

If you need further advice on other keyboards, don’t hesitate to let us know. Please like and share the article with others if it’s useful for you. Thank you.

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