Yamaha YPT 255 review - Detail About Why You Should Choose It Or Not

Yamaha YPT 255 Review – Detail Specifications And Comparison


If you appraise the quality of Yamaha YPT 255 through its price, you can never imagine how great it is!

In spite of a low cost, this piano holds a wonderful music world for beginners.

How can it be?

Let’s discover the Yamaha YPT 255 review in details:

The Specifications Of Yamaha YPT 255

With the following outstanding features, it's enough for beginners to start their lifelong musical journey.

  • 61-key keyboard
  • 100 Backing styles
  • Yamaha education system
  • Listen, waiting, and timing mode
  • Duo mode
  • It even includes a power-saving mode
  • Chord dictionary
  • Built-in phrase recorder
  • Ultra-wide stereo effect
  • Premium effects
  • 372 high-quality voices with 13 drums and effects
  • 102 onboard songs
  • Display - custom LCD Display
  • Polyphony - 32 Max
  • Power - Uses AC or Battery power
  • AWM Stereo Sampling - Yes
  • Auto Power - Off Function - Yes

Yamaha YPT 255 Review

As I said, Yamaha YPT 255 is integrated with great features, suiting newbies: easy-to-use control panel, modern design, and durable and responsive keys.

In particular, there are 385 high-quality instrument voices and 100 backing accompaniments for you to play different sounds and styles all over the world.

Now, let's see all of these things in my Yamaha YPT 255 review:

Yamaha YPT 255 bundle

Yamaha Education System Or Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S)

The perfect combination of Y.E.S and some teaching aids such as waiting mode, timing mode, and listen mode helps you learn the built-in-songs quickly and easily.

Even this system of Yamaha YPT 255 can analyze, rate, and grade your performances, allowing you to examine your advancement.

Any beginner will be satisfied with this feature:

Its nine-step lesson function perfectly supports you to play.

There are nine stages including three steps for the left hand, three steps for right hands, and three ones for both hands.

That means you can play any pre-stored song in the piano.

Yamaha YPT 255

Learning Features

The piano is considered a good chord dictionary, coming with the fantastic lessons to help you study chords on an equal footing.

How simple and pleasurable you will learn chord from Yamaha YPT 255!

You need to correctly follow and play the chosen chord showing on the screen, the bell will sound.

Speakers And Premium Effects

The combination of the built-in-speakers of Yamaha YPT 255 and terrific wide stereo can expand the performance of your sound. Meanwhile, other premium sound effects like flanger and chorus will provide your performance studio-quality sound. All piano voices are more realistic.

Connectivity Option Of Yamaha YPT 255 Keyboard

Yamaha YPT 255 Connectivity

The AUX input of the YPT 255 keyboard allows you to connect with an MP3 player to play along or only listen to music. Even there is a headphone socket to perform in silence for yourself only.

Powered Battery

The powered battery is convenient for anyone who wants to move the Yamaha YPT 255 from place to place because it doesn't limit the length of a cord.

Auto Power-Off Function

This function helps you save a lot of energy if the keyboard isn't active.

Recording And Playback Function

You can playback and hear all your performances to monitor your progress through recording and playback functions.

For the built-in metronome and duo mode, you can play with your instructor at the same time to learn her or his exact finger technique.


Yamaha YPT 255 comes with a terrific Master EQ function, allowing you to adjust your volume and sound independently while playing.Yamaha YPT 255 Connectivity

Meanwhile, the ultra-wide stereo settings take responsibility for digitally processing the audio to produce more massive sounds through the built-in speakers.

Let you use the one-touch setting for choosing presets or modify settings to adjust a lot of features and sounds at the same time.

Yamaha YPT 255 display

Transpose Function

If you want to play along with other musicians, vocalists, and songs, this transpose function will help you adjust the tone of the instrument by semitones. Portable Grand button, for example, can produce the sound of an acoustic grand piano.

AWM Stereo Sampling

AWM stereo sampling is a fantastic function for any entry-level keyboard because it can offer a convincing sound when using the Portable Grand button. Although it is not the highest-quality sampling of a Yamaha piano, it's good enough for a keyboard in a reasonable price range. 


When buying the Yamaha YPT 255, you have all the essential things in a package. Thus, after unboxing, you can play in minutes. Now, please take a look at the accessories:

Samson HP30 Cl​​​​osed-Cup Headphones

These headphones are designed with the padded headband and earcups, so you will feel as comfortable as possible even when wearing all day long.

They can meet the heaviest demands about sounds because of their excellent loudness, a broad frequency range for high clarity and fidelity in a wide range of tones.

Yamaha YPT 255 headphone

SXKS Standard Keyboard Stand

Here is the fact:

The YPT255 keyboard doesn’t have alrYamaha YPT 255 headphoneeady any stand and sits on the top of it. However, if you want to upgrade to a bolt-on stand, let's learn the SXKS Standard Keyboard Stand:

This stand is made from steel material, holding up to 130 pounds.

Depending on your height, you can adjust to a suitable height because there are five levels of height adjustment from 25.25 to 38.75 inches.

Yamaha YPT 255 Accessories

The rubber end caps of the stand helps you prevent the whole piano away from slipping and shifting. Especially, these items can keep your floors away marking and scuffing.

The design allows you to fold down, so you can easily transport this eight-pounds stand everywhere.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Lightweight
  • Helpful accessories


  • Lack of digital connection options
  • No MIDI File capacity

Comparison Of Yamaha PSR E253 Vs YPT 255

I make this comparison since many people think that they are the same. I'd like to deny the information: they have some similar features, but different designs and layouts.

First, when it comes to the overall dimensions, both of them are compact and lightweight, suiting beginners who need something simple to start.

The on-board controls and connectors of both are similar. Some of the buttons are color-coded for easier and intuitive operation.

Plus, they have added a pair of 2.5W speakers for better practices.

Comparison Of Yamaha PSR E253 Vs YPT 255

Yamaha ypt 255 vs psr e253 have a 61-key touch-sensitive compact keyboard, which can't play like a real piano, but you can add a few realism while playing.

They have a 32-note polyphony that is good enough for beginners and intermediate players.

These pianos have duo mode to split the whole keyboard into two parts. Each part has an aux input, connecting an external audio device, 13 drums, 372 voices, SFX kits, and a recorder.

The design is the most significant difference in these pianos. The almost entirely back body of Yamaha PSR E253 makes it more elegant and professional, especially its keyboard looks better than the actual price. Meanwhile, Yamaha YPT 255 is designed with a white center panel, which doesn't look as classy as another.


I got these questions from my readers via my email. If you are also wondering them, you can refer to the answers below:

Q: Does This Keyboard Have Weighted And Full-Size Keys?

A: Although this keyboard doesn't have weighted keys, it is full-sized like a regular piano.

Q: Can I Turn It Into A Silent Keyboard?

A: As I said, yes, you can. When silencing the speaker output, you will only hear music through your headphones. This is an ideal choice for those who live in shared accommodation such as an apartment or dormitories because it makes sure you can play in peace without disturbing your roommate.

Q: Does this keyboard come with an included music sheet stand or holder?

A: Though you won't have a free music book, there is a free music sheet stand or holder in the package. You can mount it into the keyboard to use or not. This depends on your demands.

Q: Can you connect this keyboard to your computer to use synthesia or similar software?

A: No. The bad news is that this model doesn't come with any USB or MIDI port.

Q: Can you use a foot pedal with this keyboard?

A: Fortunately, in this case, you can because the product is packed with a port for a sustain pedal. What you need to do is to connect it to your Yamaha YPT 255 and enjoy your plays.


Yes, of course. With a low cost, it's hard to find out other good pianos like the Yamaha YPT 255. It has high durability, so even you play this piano in every single day, it can last in a long time.

For this model, I MAKE SURE YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR even more.

I hope you have great reading time and find informative knowledge. You can leave your comment here to ask anything about the Yamaha YPT 255.

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